Fromm A338.34 Sealless Steel Tool


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The special tensioning gear-system allows a high strap tension of up to 5,500 N (1,240 lbs) with a limited amount of tensioning effort of only 240 N (54 lbs).  An ideal tool for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications for flat goods in almost all industries. Permits a very easy and efficient operation and outperforms other strapping tools by its ruggedness and its high reliability.  The sealless joint reduces the overall strapping cost.

Fromm A338.34 Heavy Duty Sealless Tool


Strapping qualities: Uniflex and Ultraflex max. 1100 N/mm2 / 160’000 psi
Strapping dimensions:
widths = 12.7 – 19.0 mm  ¾”
thicknesses = 0.50 – 0.70 mm .020 – .025
Weight: 5.7 kg / 12.6 lbs Normal-version
Average seal strength: approx. 80 %

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