Plastic Strap

Plastic strappingMore industrial businesses are noticing the benefits of plastic strapping. Traditional steel strapping is simply too expensive to be the most viable packaging solution. Furthermore, improvements in plastics technology have created plastic straps that are stronger than ever.

Grant Packaging is now supplying plastic strapping to customers who haul lumber and other industrial supplies. Plastic strapping doesn’t eat into the wood as much as steel does, eliminating a great deal of economic waste and damaged product. Also, plastic simply doesn’t present the danger that steel does, both to the product and to the person unstrapping the product.

Plastic Strapping Is Strong, Lightweight, and Easy to Clean Up

Plastic strapping is easier to clean up and you don’t have to deal with steel shards at a delivery site. Another benefit of plastic strapping it is much lighter than steel, so you pay less for shipping. The lighter weight means you can move the product without a forklift.

Grant Packaging is your complete online strapping store. Browsing, you can find the strapping and tools you need. Order right away at 866-GRANT-PAC or by email at You will receive a speedy response.  Searching our website you will find brands such as Orgapack, MIP, Fromm and Delta and Acme, and a wide variety. Strapping customers can take advantage of Grant Packaging’s loaner tools program, as well as find new and used tools.


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