Batteries and Chargers

Grant Packaging LLC offers many types of replacement batteries and chargers. We are located in the St. Louis Missouri area but provide product and service to many states. We specialize in fast service and delivery to keep your company packaging needs running smoothly. If you are in need of parts or repairs for your ORT battery operated bander, or Fromm battery operated bander,  we specialize in your tool requirements.

Use these links to find the desired battery or charger replacement needs:

ORT-50/83/85/86 Replacement BatteryORT-400, BXT2-19 18v Bander BatteryORT 50/83/85/86 Battery Charger 2179.221ORT 250 14.4v Replacement Bander BatteryORT 100 / 200 / 300 Charger 2179.251,Orgapack 300 Banding Battery 2179.160-AOrgapack 250 / 400 Battery Charger 2188.002Orgapack 100 / 200 Battery 2179.150-AN5.4309 14.4v BatteryN5-4349 18v 4.0 AH 18v BatteryN5-4330-A 18v Replacement BatteryBattery Charger Fromm P326-P329Battery Charger for Fromm P320 – P32514.4v Generic Battery for Fromm Tools,  or 12 Volt Replacement Battery For P320 ONLY

If you are in need of a new bander for your plastic or Polypropylene Strapping use these links for more information Orgapack ORT 400.34Orgapack ORT 400.58Orgapack ORT 50Orgapack ORT 250.12Orgapack ORT 250.58.

Grant Packaging LLC also carries many other sealless strapping tools such as the, Orgapack ORH 47 5/8″ Sealless Combination ToolOrgapack ORH 47 19mm Combination ToolOrgapack OR-H 47 1/2″ Manual Combination ToolOrgapack CH 48 Sealless Steel Strapping Tool.

Our most popular sealless strapping tool the MUL16 Sealless Combination ToolGP58 Sealless Steel Strap All-In-One ToolGP34 Sealless Steel Strap All-In-One ToolGP12 Sealless Steel Strap All-In-One ToolFromm A338.34 Heavy Duty Sealless Strapping ToolFromm A333 or 2306.58Fromm A333 or 2306.58Fromm 2306.34 Sealless Steel Strapping ToolFromm 2306.12 Sealless Steel Strapping Tool3/4″ Orgapack Air Powered Push Steel Strap Tool.

Take a moment to browse our website to find the tool which works best for you and your packaging needs. Or feel free to contact us at any time by email or telephone to reach us by person at 866.472.6872

Our staff will help you choose which tool best fits your needs at an economical price and information in guiding you to the correct tools.

We are here to help!